Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Sun Dog (Four Past Midnight): 24th - 28th May

After giving the first three books in this collection such high praise, it's a bit of a shame that Four Past Midnight ends with a bit of a damp squib for me. While the closing section had me galloping through the pages to the, admittedly satisfying conclusion, I wasn't particularly captured by the build up. I wanted to be, of course. It just didn't really happen.

The ingredients were right. All the elements of a creepy tale were there and yet it didn't do its do on me. A bit like Thorntons and Lindt chocolate. Bear with me. They're no tinpot companies and have a reputation, perhaps self-constructed, of being master chocolatiers and yet, their chocolate is shitty.
How they manage to get it so wrong is beyond me. I'm not calling The Sun Dog shitty, by any means. But you get my point.

In other news, I finally got hold of The first volume of Joe Hill's Locke and Key comic book series from the library. It's very, very good. While I was there, I also picked up his second novel, Horns. Having had a look at the first couple of chapters, I'll be giving his dad a rest and hope to rattle through what is already looking like a very interesting book.


Chris T-T - Disobedience & Love Is Not Rescue
Pure Love - Bury My Bones (free download)
Jim Lockey and The Solemn Sun - Death
A load of Skitsystem

The Sun Dog


  1. Well, I agree with Thorntons, but Lindt?! Have you ever had a Lindor, man?!

    But anyway- I know I've read this before but I really can't remember it, so it'll be a crappy surprise for me when I get to it... damn.

  2. I will have had Lindor, but can't remember it being awesome. The problem with most chocolate is that it's not Dairy Milk. Or even Galaxy. I'm a meat and potatoes chocolate fan, so to speak. Although I have a lot of love for dark and white chocolate.

    The Sun Dog really wasn't that bad. It certainly wasn't Tommyknockers bad. Some stories just resonate more strongly with different people, I suppose. If proof were needed, look how high The Tommyknockers comes in this poll. And The Talisman must be in the top 15?!!! :