Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Dark Tower - Volume 3: The Waste Lands - 6th June 2012

Despite having loved the second instalment of The Dark Tower (The Drawing of the Three), I've shuffled towards The Waste Lands. It has surprised me as I thought I'd have been much keener to dive in.
I think there are two factors at play. Firstly, after finishing Four Past Midnight I read Joe Hill's Horns instead of cracking on. It was a really good read and I'll take the opportunity to recommend it. You might as well swing by his website and follow him on twitter @joe_hill while you're at it.

Secondly, the cover for copy of The Waste Lands that I have is shit. It reminds me of those ridiculous illustrations on Jehovah's Witness pamphlets. I know it's a pretty standard sci-fi cover, but it's terrible. I'm sure John Avon doesn't care any.

That said, there's really no reason I shouldn't be buzzing off starting in on this book, so I'll shut up and get on with it.
The Waste Lands


  1. Haha, never judge a book by it's cover though! I didn't like this quite as much as The Drawing of the Three, BUT it's still pretty amazing and I've seen LOADS of people say it's their favourite of the series. So, go forth and read! :)

    1. It was a struggle, despite the positive vibes I've seen for this book and increasingly as the series progresses. I'm on my way with it now and it's picking up nicely.