Thursday, 24 May 2012

Secret Window (film) 21st May 2012

Writing the post on Secret Window, Secret Garden the other day, I had to stop myself from just writing about the film. Here, it's the other way around. I really don't want to go on about film adaptations of books and their inherent handicap for anyone who has already read it, but here's an example where the film is almost pointless if you know what's going to happen.

In terms of its plot, the film relies so heavily on the twist reveal that, knowing all the events and the outcome, it ends up being a thankless charade. Johnny Depp's performance, particularly the comic touch, saves it from being a total waste of time and the darker ending is a satisfying change but it's really not great.

I don't know what else to say. Part of me is lurching to come out and claim that if you've read a book you should never see the film because you know where the mystery tour is headed. The other part understands that you can know how a magician does a trick and still have your breath taken away by the grace and skill of its execution.

Here, it's just a case of "Oh, that's how it's done..."

Secret Window

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