Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Four Past Midnight: 28th April 2012

Four Past Midnight

The only thing I knew about this collection before picking it up was that one of the stories had been adapted for a film starring Johnny Depp, John Turturro and Maria Bello. I saw it at the cinema and was steadfastly underwhelmed.

Since starting this reading project, I've also discovered that The Langoliers has also made its way to film. I'm not certain of its reception but, as Dean Stockwell's in it, it's pretty much nailed on that I'll hunt it out. For better or worse.

I've no doubt expressed my affection for short novels previously in this blog and, faced with the four here, it's fair to say I've got a bit of a book boner at the prospect of this collection.


  1. I know I've read this before but the only story I really remember is Secret Window, Hidden Garden which I liked. And I liked the film too! I mean, it's better than most Stephen King films, not least because, hello, Johnny Depp! Have fun reading it anyway (I'm way back on The Tommyknockers- I could be here a while...)

  2. I share your appreciation of Johnny Depp, perhaps not to the same degree or in quite the same way, but the only thing I really remember of the film was feeling cheated by the reveal. I'll definitely watch it again once I've finished the book, though.