Saturday, 27 August 2016

Mr. Mercedes: 19th - 27th August 2016

I came out of it having really liked Mr Mercedes. For a good part of the first half, it was hard to escape the sense of King wearing the disguise of crime writer. He knows his stuff, so the conventions and whatever else (I'm wholly aware that I don't really know what I'm talking about when it comes to the minutiae of genre and have rambled at some length about my literary and critical ignorance, so you'll just have to take these comments in the same throwaway vein as the rest of this blog) are all there, but so are the cracks. The disguise is ill-fitting at times. As in, he knows what's expected in a crime novel, but when he does it, it just feels formulaic. Maybe I'm projecting this, imposing my stylistic expectations on the book and being wrong footed by any step outside my comfort zone.
Anyway, when it really came to it, it was hard not to get pulled into the plot and into the characters' lives.
It only took me just over a week, so there's that to say for it.
I'm certainly looking forward to Finders Keepers.
But first, there's Revival.

Mr. Mercedes

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