Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Duma Key: 7th Feb - 22nd Mar 2016

Totally forgot to write a bit about this book when I finished it.  Way too keen to get on to the next one.
So, two weeks after finishing it, what can I say about Duma Key?

I liked it a lot.  The first two thirds especially.  I was well into the pacing.  Usually a brick of a novel from King can take a bit of getting going, but I didn't find that with this.  I dug the character development and believed in Edgar and Wireman's friendship.

Parts of the last third lost me a bit.  I had a picture of the crew of the Flying Dutchman from the second Pirates of the Caribbean film which, while undeniably creepy if it was stood in front of you in the flesh in a dark room, just became cartoonish.  This is only because my boring, rational mind automatically rejects the supernatural, but still, it took the edge off.

It didn't take the edge off my enjoyment of reading King on top form, though.
Duma Key

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