Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon: 20th - 27th Aug 2013

It seems as though every other post includes a moan about the often bloated length of the books,  so you think I'd have had a giant book boner for a nice, short, tightly-focused 300 pager. I was hoping it would work that way, but it just didn't.
In typical fashion, I haven't got much of a reason why or a list of criticisms to bring to it. I just didn't dig it all that much.

Weak. I know. Hearts in Atlantis is next, but not before I finish Jason Aaron's Scalped and bash through Grant Morrison's run on Animal Man.

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  1. I actually feel the same way about The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon- It SHOULD be good, in a really focused, Misery-esque way, but actually it STILL feels too long for the story it tells. I've finished it but haven't reviewed it yet because a one word review of 'meh' isn't really what I want!