Monday, 18 March 2013

Wizard and Glass: The Dark Tower IV - 18th Mar 2013

I really, really want to love The Dark Tower.  Really I do.  As it happens, I didn't care too much for The Gunslinger, loved The Drawing of the Three and found The Wastelands veered too heavily between being totally compelling and rambling into the wasteland of abject boredom.

I think part of my problem is that fantasy lit. requires a level of reader engagement beyond your average popular fiction. You've got to take your suspension of disbelief to a whole other plane before you even start. I'm aware how lazy and ignorant I sound, I'm just explaining the shit my brain makes me deal with when I read. That I'm on a mission to devour these books as rapidly as time and commitment allow (partly because I'm feeling the pull towards eventually reading something other than King for a change) doesn't help getting in the mindset of full mental application. Having actually typed that, I'm realising I'm wrong, that's exactly what I need to do. I've probably already made the same point in an earlier post, so I'm obviously not bothered about making myself look daft.

Anyway, onward! Please be awesome.


  1. I don't want to put a downer on this, but... I'm going to anyway, apparently. Apart from The Gunslinger this is my least favourite in the series, BUT that's because it's the most fantasy-ish, which is also why it's a lot of people's favourite. But I'm not entiiirely looking forward to reading it again...


    1. Awesome. Ah well, if I go in expecting the worst, there's always a chance I'll be pleasantly surprised. Maybe...