Monday, 11 February 2013

The Green Mile: 28th Jan - 4th Feb 2013

 I don't have a good reason for having taken a week to write this.  I loved The Green Mile and know exactly why, I just didn't get around to writing it down until now.

Without really thinking about it too much, I'm going to say that The Green Mile has been the most enjoyable read so far in this trip through the King library.  Not necessarily my favourite of his books (although it is high up the rankings), but more in the reading experience.  I've spoken of my sometimes very simplistic approach to reading novels and my willingness and belief in the act of submitting to the narrative.  In this respect, The Green Mile was made for me.  He just takes hold of you and guides you through the a story which, I find it easy to forget, is pretty fucking dark.

I was happy to find myself so attached to the book and especially happy to find that I can make the time to dedicate to the book.  I knocked it off in a week around all of my usual commitments (I'm sure it being written as a serial novel helped with the pacing and keeping the whole thing going) a probably a lot less farting around than I'm used to. Same again please Matthew.

I've noticed that my posts are getting briefer and briefer and have questioned whether I should have more to say about the books and, more importantly, what I'd actually say.  Any sort of plot synopsis seems a little redundant, as I'm not writing a book report or reviews per se.  It must be pretty clear that I'm not casting much of a critical eye on them, either.  You'd be better of heading over to James Smythe's series on the Guardian book blog -  Previously, I've looked at how well a book got under my skin and whether they managed to scare me.
The Green Mile didn't really do either.  Maybe because I've already seen the film, maybe because even the grisly description of Delacroix's demise didn't even make me flinch.  I'm aware that this sort of talk is a stone's throw from sociopathy.  Shit.  Nah, it can't be that.  It must be due to overexposure and an increasingly logical and matter of fact approach to the effects of gross acts of violence on the human body.  Fun.

So, my future goal is to find out a way to make these intricately described physical violence shocking again.  Ideas and suggestions will be warmly received.

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