Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Mist (Skeleton Crew) 22nd-31st August 2011

I thought I might as well do a post for each story as it’ll probably take an age to get through the whole of Skeleton Crew.

So, so good! I dawdled over the first third, slipping in a long weekend of comic reading, but I couldn’t put it down for the last hundred pages. It felt like the perfect horror story to me (and the perfect length – but that’s a whole other issue) with a tight, claustrophobic focus on the human reaction to the unknown threat. While there was some description of the physical detail of the threat, the fact that so much was hidden in the mist and left to the imagination made, for the most part, fear itself the bogeyman of the piece.

The way that the purported cause of the mist and its Legion was only alluded to in passing was also a huge factor in cranking up the unease. And the ending!!! You know that so many people will have put the book down unsatisfied with all the unanswered questions. Ha ha, fuck ‘em.

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