Monday, 22 August 2011

Thinner: 19th-22nd August 2011

Loved it.

Saying what I'm about to say, I can hear you asking why I'm reading the the complete works of a man who has regularly dropped 600-1000 page books on us with frightening prolificacy. I know. You're probably right too. Anyway, I love short books. In the same way as I hold to the assertion that if your film can't tell the story in 90-100 minutes there's something amiss with your storytelling, authors who can't do it in 200-300 pages fail to understand the power of word economy and are presumptuous of their readers and the time they're willing to steal from them.

With that in mind, Thinner was a gorgeous oasis of brevity, taut suspense and skin crawling 'what if' and 'imagine that'. The plot wasn't next level, high-concept but a more classic dark tale. Lovely stuff.

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