Sunday, 29 November 2009

I've had an idea...

Starting in the new year, I'm going to start a Stephen King ultra-marathon reading project.
I've read quite a few of his books, but not enough. After a quick look, it would seem I've read eleven, the latest being 'Gerald's Game', published in 1992. Jesus, that's 17 years ago.

So for the sake of righting that wrong and (for something to do) I'm going to read him from beginning to end.
I intend this blog to bear witness to the gradual and inevitable destruction and blackening of my psyche. I can't promise reviews of each book as I'm shit at writing them. I'm sure I'll have something to say about each book, though.

I'm also appealing for the donation/extended loan of any King books you've got gathering dust. I've already started what will no doubt be a mammoth trawl of charity shops in the hope of building the library for the absolute minimum expense. I am tight and also buying seventy-plus books, when I need to keep my kids in shoes and pencils, is a bit reckless.

The blog isn't intended to be particularly interesting or world changing, and I certainly don't envisage it to be all that worth reading. I imagine it will be more of a mission status updater and a way to keep up the momentum and avoid abandoning it after the first three books. It will also be a way for anyone with a passing interest to keep updated on my mental decline and laugh.

I had the fleeting idea of doing it in a year. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
I've got two kids and a needy wife. That shit's not happening. So, instead, I'll just be hammering them out as and when i can.

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  1. hey man, found this place via the post on facebook. I'm a friend of Nath's and played geetar with him for a while before you joined up. I was the irritating bald one ;) Love the idea here, as I'm a big King fan myself, and I'm interested to see how your experiment goes!